The Kanyakumari beach

Eminent as a beach-with-a-difference, Kanyakumari beach is rock-strewn and treacherous. Not one of the consistent calm sun-relaxing beaches, it brags of an artificial wall to defend the shorelines. The raging sea bangs against the rocks. It defies the forte of human against nature, as one gets soaked in the white sprays that sprig across the beach. Major allurements of Kanyakumari Beach:

The Sangam

Sangam is the meeting of the three most significant forms of water- the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. It is a dipping Ghat. It has stairways leading into the water and a type of lagoon flanked by lands and rocks.

Vivekananda's Rock 

It is a gigantic stone rising out of the marine, on which Swami Vivekananda is said to have meditated. It now has the statuette of Vivekananda and is a commemorative devoted to him.


The Muttom beach

It is well-known for its picturesque beauty and breath-taking sight during sunrise and sunset. The sight is greatest during Chitra Gourami when the sun and moon are face-to-face on the identical horizon.

The Sothavilai beach

This is one the longest natural coasts in the nation. The narrow waters of this place make it perfect for swimming and water-biking. Its silver sand and tall sand dunes make it the perfect place for a relaxing ramble, while the pure blue sea is a buffet to the eyes.

Temple of Goddess Bhagavathi

This prevalent temple is devoted to Bhagavathi - the Goddess of Power. Along with the spiritual enthusiasm, this temple is also celebrated for its architectural splendor. This temple is also prominent for the gratification of wishes. Followers who are wishful for marriage association offer silk cloths and Mangalsutra to the deity.

The Thiruvalluvar Statue

The noble lure is built right in the mid on the sea. Standing an impressive 133 feet high, this figurine is an honor to the admired Tamil poet and saint. Do you wish to turn your day cheerful by adoring gorgeous sights? Pay a stopover to the illustrious Thiruvalluvar Statue!


What to Know?

The place has various other reasons to become the most searched for destination. Let us reveal some of those reasons:

  • The coastline does not actually present you the opportunity to bath in the sun on tender golden sands. You cannot play on the seas either. The shore is stony and perilous, and there is a fake wall built all along that. Something different indeed!
  • To boot, you can view the sunrise throughout the year. Sunset is noticeable only from October 15 to March 15. However, you can view both through the year from a hill top- Murugan Kundram.
  • Another thought-provoking facet about Kanyakumari is its name. It is said that the Goddess Kumari Amman had to tie the knot with Lord Shiva, but she could not. After that, she swore to stay a virgin all her life. As she became a virgin Deity; henceforth the name KANYAKUMARI!


Kanyakumari - A dreamy spot, paramours' heaven and sea fans' beloved choice. Above all, this is a blessed spiritual destination of Hindus. Also entitled as Cape Comorin, Kanyakumari was formerly reined by the Cheras, Cholas and the Pandyas. The place directs an attractive serenity and calmness. The sea, along with its power is a magnificence to watch. As the sea hits the coast, it dwindles and prepares itself for the ensuing attack. Mornings are chiefly pleasurable at Kanyakumari since the place offers an unimpeded sight of the morning sun. The sun makes the gravel look like jots of gilt. The sea turns into a vast mirror dazzling with the sun’s rays.

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